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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Take your class Sky High with Google Earth

Ok, teachers of science. Go to Google and download the latest version of Google Earth and you will have a super cool new feature called Google Sky! View Google's mini tour to the left (which they handily posted to youtube.)

This lets you turn heavenward to look at constellations and all sorts of things! You can explore: planets, constellations, the moon, galaxies, the life of a star, and the atmosphere.

I'm also fascinated by the Google Earth Community which allows you to make and share these files.

Ideas for use:
  • Use it in junior high for earth science to interactively explore the sky.
  • Discuss the life of a star.
  • Use it on your smartboard to explore, zoom in, and discuss things.
  • The Hubble Telescope images are available to you and your students!
This is such a great tool for the science classroom. I haven't looked at the feature that allows you to look at the atmosphere, but what could you do with a study of the environment? You can study the atmosphere over various places in the world. So cool!

This is fascinating!

P.S. One of my students from last year found this and came in to tell me -- oh so cool! I'm proud that he's still learning and exploring (and sharing!)

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