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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tips on starting the school year

I'm heading out for last minute R&R before school starts, but I have been reviewing my notes to myself last year about how to start the school year off right. I thought you might want to read them too (especially if you're a newcomer to this blog.)

Starting the School Year off Right: Part 1 -- Set the Pace
Starting the School Year off Right: Part 2 -- Establish the Flow
Starting the School Year off Right: Part 3 -- Create the Plan

One of the main reasons that I blog is that I am continually writing lists and giving myself notes. This year when I wanted to find my checklist for starting school, I just searched my own blog.

It is not about being center stage, it is about being practical, publishing electronically so we can find things. That is really why I started, making notes to myself as I started creating a wiki page.

You only have one chance to have a good first day of school, make it count and start well!
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