Play Web 2.0 Truth AND Dare


Watch this video (hat tip to David Warlick)


In light of this video, I have 20 questions for you, how do you rank?

  1. Do you spend any time talking about proper methods of e-mail?
  2. Do you have a facebook or myspace profile? (I don't?)
  3. I someone wrote about you, is your name hyperlinkable? (Do you have something they can link to?)
  4. Do you know the names of all of your students?
  5. If your students have computers in the classroom, do your students make ongoing eye contact?
  6. Are you unafraid of what would happen if youtube, myspace, and facebook were allowed in your classroom?
  7. Do your students collaboratively create documents?
  8. Do you expect your students to complete their reading assignments?
  9. Do you assign papers and grade them after reading EVERY WORD?
  10. Have you ever given assignment and allowed students to create content on the public world wide web?
  11. Do you allow students to post content WITHOUT premoderation?
  12. If you allow students to post online, do you subscribe to 100% of their content in your RSS reader?
  13. Do you comment on your student blogs?
  14. Is more than 50% of your content relevant "to life?" (Ask your students)
  15. Do all of your students open their textbook for your class on a weekly basis?
  16. Do you give reading assignments that include web content?
  17. Have your students been taught methodologies for assessing the validity of web documents?
  18. Do you give students projects where they must manage themselves, multitask, and deliver a comprehensive output that is relevant to your topic?
  19. Have you changed anything significant about ALL of the courses you are teaching THIS YEAR?
  20. Do you care?
Answer these questions on your blog, in the comments below, privately at your desk. What questions are missing?

Double Dare...

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