Urgent request for video for Flat Classroom!

I have two students with open calls for video.

1) Wazzup

For this clip, we're looking for students (or you) to do this.

Get out your cell phone. Have it ring. Look at the phone like you're video talking to someone and say "Can you see me now." (You may try a couple of times and move around the phone.) Then, say "Wazzup" like they say it in this commercial. (sans the bud reference at the end.)

We are looking for a variety of places around the world in many strange places. All of the vids will be patched together with kids all over the world chatting.

2) Lip synching our theme song

My class sort of has a theme song for this project, Half a World Away by everything taken. (From the podsafe music network)

Coley is going to patch together people all over the world singing it. So, just sing it and make sure that you have your name, school (if a class) and location as part of the name of your video.

It is the first one on this playlist!

Find more music like this on Flat Classroom Project

How do I send it in?

Sent via yousendit.com to coolcatteacher at gmail dot com. Label it "Wazzup" or "Half a World Away" and your name, class, and location in the world.

A personal favor to me

Please oh please oh please! Anyone reading this post, please!

Grab your webcam, we prefer 800 x 600 resolution and can take most any format .wmv, .avi, .mov, etc.

If you have a greenscreen, we can paste in a location. Or shoot your location and we'll put that into our greenscreens.

Help these kids wow the world!

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