Ten Cool Present Ideas for your Teacher

I've been shopping today and yesterday and have found some things I think would be good for teachers.

I'm using the link on my amazon associate account below (so if you buy any of the linked items I get a little money to afford Christmas! Thanks! I hope this helps!. ;-)

1 - I Love You Toast Stamper$2.99 at Amazon

This is great for the teacher with kids. You press this onto the toast and magically the words "I Love You" appear on the toast.

2 - All Out Of- Grocery Shopping List$ 7.74

This handy list is great for teachers on the run! I couldn't get enough of these.

3 - USB Gadgets

These cool things are powered by the USB port on the teacher's computer (just make sure they know what one is.) I particularly like the USB Refrigerator ($34.99) which holds a single drink, although it is a little pricey for what most want to do. The USB Fan ($16.99) is also great for those in warmer climates, and USB Heating Gloves for colder. ($22)

4- Totes Fashion Micro 'brella - $13.95

I love these because they literally fit in my smallest pocketbook. I bought one for every lady in my family because we're always being caught without one. (Although it hasn't been a problem lately.)

5 - LifeHammer Original Emergency Hammer (Orange) $14.95

Everyone, I mean everyone needs one of these. After watching the guys on mythbusters show how difficult it is to get out of a car while sinking, my husband got me one of these. It has one edge to cut the seatbelt and an edge of the hammer to break glass.

I keep it beside my seat at all times on the middle dash secured with velcro. Every person who drives in our extended family has one.

6 - Deluxe Ladies Tool Set $17.99

This is the descendant of one of my favorite presents from about three year's back. The gentlemen at work kept stealing my tools!!! I couldn't keep a phillips head screwdriver for more than a week. Until I got my pink toolset, that is. I love this because if your teacher is a "fix it" type teacher or just a computer teacher, these tools will always come back!!

7 - My Must Read Teacher's Book List

8 - Office Supplies
This may sound silly, but there are some cool things I like in my room:
9 - Some geeky gifts

An ipod microphone (make sure you know what kind of Ipod they have this is the one for my 2 GB Nano-XtremeMac IPN-MIC-20 Micromemo Digital Voice Recorder for iPod Nano 2G (Black)), an awesome Logitech Quickcam Fusion (my favorite) or even a good Altec Lansing AHS322 Stereo Over-the-head headsetwith microphone is helpful as is a Keyspan PR-US2 Presentation Remote for those presenting on the road.

10 - Home baked goods

I've had people bring me homemade casseroles and cakes. I love things I can freeze for Christmas because most people don't realize that teachers are really stressed out in December with the end of the grading period. They want to give good things to their family but end up grading sometimes till 2 am.

Other Ideas
Sometimes a gift certificate to go eat out at a pizza place or in town is perfect. Also remember, if you give a teacher money and they have kids, it will rarely be spent on the teacher. So sometimes a gift certificate to a bath and body works or something is great.

If your teacher uses candy in her classroom, get her candy. I just love those big bags of candy from Wal Mart because I spend at least $25+ a month on candy.

Write a note!
Some teachers like to get nice keepsake ornaments, but honestly one of the best presents I get are the personal notes from my students. (Teachers appreciate grateful students and parents.)

Remember, it is not about buying an expensive gift!

A $2 gift with a meaningful note is priceless to me. (Hey, I'd be happy with just the note!) I'm not in it for the money, otherwise, I'd be doing something else!

Just being remembered means a lot and sometimes, you'd be surprised, teachers don't know it when they are a good teacher. Teaching is a toxic profession so say thanks!

It is always in good taste to say thank you to those you are important in the life of your child.

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