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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chris Pirillo talks about Drupal: How did he do this?

I am very impressed with how Chris Pirillo does this video. (I love the video and the chat at the bottom.)

I know of several people who really like the Drupal and find it interesting. Of course, for me, for now, Ning is perfect and I don't have to do the upgrades behind the scenes, but I can see a great case for Drupal where you have embedded tech support.

This video is literally brilliant! (I've always enjoyed Chris, ever since I saw him laugh uncontrollably on live TechTV. It is so funny.)

I guess the tough thing is that we all want the newest features. And I want to remind schools that connecting within your school is vital (See my Five Phases of Flattening Your Classroom) BUT you MUST also connect online with other classrooms.

I also like the term he said, "I don't want a social network but a socially relevant network..."

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