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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Links for the Day 03/30/2008

Diigo and Ripples | Black Diamond

tags: connectingpeople, education, hz08, hzmeta, virtualcollab

This teacher is contributing and participating in projects and his enthusiasm is spilling over into class discussions (imagine that) -- Steve has helped us proofread our horizon templates and create a page for internet safety for the students that they will be adding to.

It is this type of professional educator that makes projects like Horizon so worthwhile and meaningful -- we have a lot of virtual volunteers out there!

TeacherTube - When I Grow Up... - revised -

tags: bestpractices, connectingpeople, edu_trends, education, hz08, hzmeta, virtualcollab

This is a video talking about what the future will be like. This is a good video for ideas about how to construct the video as well as the trends that are shaping our world today. It is important for the students of horizon to view and understand although many of us who've been watching this type of video for a while may think the technique is "old hat" it still has a powerful message.

The Teachers’ Podcast — The New Generation of Ed Tech PD  Annotated

tags: connectingpeople, education, hz08, hzmeta

More educators are beginning to podcast -- these two educators are sharing a wide variety of resources via podcast.

ABC News: Could MySpace Be Your Kid's Social Key?  Annotated

tags: coolcatteacher, digitalcitizenship, edu_trends, education

This is an interesting article that presents some interesting commentary on students today. It is very brief but makes some excellent points.

Site Community for coolcatteacher.blogspot.com,Cool Cat Teacher Blog

tags: coolcatteacher, edu_newapp, edu_news, edublogger, education

This is the "site community" for my blog -- I'm learning a lot about what people have marked and the annotations feature is really cool. If you blog or have a website, you should look at the automatically created site community -- also check it out for those sites you really enjoy reading -- you may turn up some of their great old posts that you've not read!

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