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Friday, March 28, 2008

Research Proving that Wikis are More Efficient than Email

via Stephen Downes and Miguel Guhlin

Those of us using wikis find the latest slide to be added to Don Tapscott's Anthony Williams' arsenal of no surprise. Anthony says:

"The model is courtesy of Chris Rasmussen at US National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. I presented this slide during a talk I gave at Nokia today and someone pointed out that the happy faces on the left probably ought to be frowning — he had a good point."

This incredible chart says it all about the importance of wiki collaboration. This should also be a message to bloated bureaucracies looking to squeeze that last bit of efficiency out of already overworked staff.

However, learning to wiki isn't just about vocational "goodness," but rather about an essential skill moving forward. Just as we teach word processing, wikis and blogs have to be standard inclusion.

I'd just hate to see wikis and blogs be taught as poorly as some teachers teach word processing. Maybe someone will let me write the book!? (In my spare time!)

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