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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Links for the Day 04/05/2008

Project wiki / Education Pack

tags: twitter, hz08, hzmeta, connectingpeople, education, all_teachers, edu_trends

The educational "pack" of twitterers -- join this wiki and add yours -- this helps newcomers find twitterers grouped along a common topic. I'm exploring to find people in other areas to learn from!

Youth Twitter

tags: connectingpeople, hz08, hzmeta, mashup, education, Web2.0

Youth twitter site where students are usingtwitter to communicate with one another in short 140 character bursts. I always see fascinating things here.

YouTube - Mathmaticious

tags: math, hz08, hzmeta, education, usercontent, video, arts_entertainment

This mathematicious video took a long time to make. I love it! Math teachers will love this.

This is something for the horizon project student to review. This is Funny but it is an example of how videos can be made on any topic -- a math teacher could have students see how many of these terms they recognize.

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