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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sites that Caught My Eye Today 04/30/2008

  • This page outlines how we are sharing video on the Horizon project this year. After literally hours of testing to overcome the "youtube barrier" we have worked out how to use Ning as our video sharing and embedding platform.

    Using tools like a firefox plug in that allows downloading of any video AND zamzar, these 7 videos literally show you how you may "snag" and edit any video. Just remember to follow copyright laws when you do this.

    This innovation was quite an epiphany for us and the videos were our effort to make it easy and take the video sharing aspect of the project out of the teacher's hands.

    tags: education, video, hz08, edu_newapp, technology, techintegrator, professionaldevelopment

  • This handy music player converts between ALL formats of music. I needed to take a song to put into a movie and converted it here. There are some robust tweaks that let you make your music sound better that I haven't even gotten into. (Hint, convert your mp3 to .wav to put in a movie.)

    tags: education, edu_newapp, audio, geeks4, brightideas

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