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Monday, April 07, 2008

Links for the Day 04/07/2008

Setting up your PLN - Horizon Project 2008

tags: librarian, hz08, hzmeta, mashup, ubiquitousplatform, virtualcollab, education, bestpractices, curriculum, edu_news

Today on horizon, my students set up their PLN (personal learning network) in their RSS reader -- we use Netvibes although some switched to Google reader.

Here is how I will assess this:

I am assessing the students on this by having them print the page out and turn it in -- I'm also checking over their shoulders in lieu of printing -- but I may not get to everyone. -- In this blog post, I've REQUIRED 6 things on the page -- each is worth 10 points -- with 2 of those points being for a properly edited title in Netvibes (so that they may see what is what!) -- and then I have them find at least four additional sources of information for another 10 points each.

Knowing how to set up a PLN for a topic of study is a VITAL skill for the 21st century researcher. I like Netvibes because it is very simple -- one page interface.

Women of Web 2.0 Show #44 | EdTechTalk

tags: wow2, education, hz08, hzmeta, connectingpeople, science, virtualcollab

A webcast with Diane Hammond, organizer of Yes I Can Science about her experiences organizing a blogging project between middle school science students and an astronaut on the space station. She has some interesting insights on the importance of active teacher involvement and engagement of the classroom.

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