And Now We Begin: Post US Election 2008

Elaine Roberts has a profound blog post on the post-election here in the states entitled Wildly Conflicted where she says:

"As I read some of the articles and blogs, and then the posted comments to the articles and blogs, I'm amazed by the degree of venom spewing from both sides. The Dems seem to hate the GOP and all it represents and the Republicans seem to think Obama and the his Democratic coterie will lead the country to socialism...

The Democrats absolutely must not engage in a single bit of unilateral action; they must work very hard to include the tattered remnants of the Republican party in all discussions. This is a political reparation, I think. How fitting it is to be led by a man of color."

Here, one week after the election, I think that this post has some great things to say about inclusion of both sides.  After the election is done, the president now represents ALL of the people, not just those who elected him (or one day, her), and those who retain their popularity are those who remember this!

But yet, some have asked me privately why I didn't come out and endorse either candidate.

Well, I heard pastor Joel Osteen in a recent interview be asked the same question.  He said something like "It is my  job to minister and I work with people on both sides.  I will not allow my political stance to reduce my mission in life to minister to others."

So, he voted his conscience and kept his focus, and that for me, I felt was what I should do at this time.  I don't mind speaking out on unpopular or popular issues, but this was what I felt I should do at this point.

I feel called to speak out for those with learning disabilities who are being harmed and not helped by our current way of educating children.  For teachers and to teachers.  There is a mission and calling for me with blogging and anything that would diminish that calling is not what I want to do.

In these tough times, my husband and I've had the discussion of Google Adsensing this blog on several occasions, but it comes back to the mission and purpose with which I'm called and being part of a legacy of change spawned by the tens of thousands of educators who are also connecting, sharing, reflecting and acting to move ahead towards change. 

We can be professional and disagree without being uncivil.

We can be respectful of another person and not impune their motives, while tackling heavy issues.

We can be wary of "taking sides" and remember that even a fool, whoever he/she may be, is right some of the time.

We can also know that none of us has a monopoly on wisdom or ideas and that arrogance is the great enemy of us all.

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