Second Life suffering from Inflation!!!

From a tweet from Kevin Jarrett, I saw this article "Second Life needs a bailout after all"
"'s a tad shocking that the company was forced to create a bailout plan of its own this week - jacking up the price of the cheapest Second Life land by $50 - a 66 per cent increase. The resulting outcry has been predictable."
 This is why I couldn't buy land - I budgeted at old prices but don't have the money to create my student island now. Of course, I'd wait until this past week to buy the island, but I wasn't ready until then.

So, our digiteen island is now squarely on Lively, which although it doesn't have as many features, can suit our purpose just fine for a little while. 

I still hunger for that little island to call my own where my students and others can teach digital citizenship.  Guess we'll have to look for sponsors, but who has time?

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