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Monday, November 17, 2008

Daily Spotlight on Education 11/17/2008

  • An example of how the Internet often "makes" news. Although many people believe online sources above traditional media, verifying sources is still something that should happen.

    Again... don't believe everything you read, ANYWHERE!

    tags: education, web2, worldonline, www_world

  • So, if you haven't heard the latest twitter "scuttlebut" which finally knocked SNL off as the #1 search term on twitter, it is the Motrin Mom's ad.

    I think there are more important "fish to fry" than this one and like some others, wish that we focused on some more important things out there - like accommodating those with LD as we should - however, I do agree that Motrin was so far from clueless.

    The #1 rule of target marketing: Respect Those You Target and Motrin seems to have missed this. As a mother of three, I'm proud of every stretch mark, ache, and pain because I love my children and I carried them in a sling sometimes and sometimes I didn't.

    Motrin was trying to be funny but really missed the mark, I think.

    tags: education, advertising

  • Barack Obama to deliver weekly presidential address via Youtube.

    tags: education, politics

  • Hearing this type of story with first grade teachers for an all day training with ONE internet port and no wireless so upsetting. They don't have the "bandwidth" for wireless. Something is wrong there!

    tags: education, learning

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