Globally connected... Personally disconnected?

Connecting globally can give you some disconnection too!

Now that my students are so connected globally - literally EVERY class has them collaborating with other kids on a daily basis -- I spend so much time being the architect for their connections that my connections have somewhat frayed at the edges!

Is this how it will look in the future? The teacher is busy building the framework for things and has to struggle to stay connected themselves?

It isn't about a huge stack of papers any more but a chock full RSS reader with student assignments and a full email of items to do. Timebridge reminders and Google calendars, wikis to update, and websites to create.

Between this and my new passion for making this body last a while longer (I LOVE RUNNING - anyone on Twitter has heard by now, probably) and handling my three children's schedules it is quite hard to spend time here talking to you.  I wish, by goodness, that I had time to do a weekly podcast or something to connect with you all, but this seems to be my time right now.

Just want to reflect that if this is about the students that this is OK.  I may not be at the top of everyone's RSS reader with my twice daily posts any more but if there are over 500 students each quarter connecting in these projects now, that is something.

It is OK to feel personally disconnected sometimes, particularly when that means you are creating rich, vibrant, deep learning experiences for students around the world.

Just keep perspective and don't beat yourself up too much about how often you've blogged or tweeted.  If you've got something to share, share it any way you can with the time you have and just don't sweat it.  (And if you're wondering, you just got to hear what I'm saying to myself today!)

Have a great day and remember that teaching is a noble calling! Keep the faith! 

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