Vocabulary in Context with eBook readers

I've always loved to learn new vocabulary, but really, didn't have the dictionary handy or texting Google was just a pain. One of the coolest features of my Amazon kindle (see Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6
) is that if I see a word I don't know, I can move the cursor to just beside the word and it gives me a definition.

I've gotten to where I press the enter key and go to the full definition, then copy that definition to my clippings (using the bar to highlight and save the note) - then when I'm done, I can see the words I've learned. I'm about 1/3 of the way through a reallly killer Clive Cussler book and have already learned 5 new words - just think of the rich learning.

The more I use this Kindle, the more I think that ebooks really have tons of potential for learning - just being able to learn vocabulary in context is huge.  But you can also install custom dictionaries (like the Eastman Bible Dictionary) and then turn that dictionary on when I'm reading my Bible for a sort of in line definitional commentary.  Really cool.

OK, gotta run to a basketball tournament half way across the planet.

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