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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tell Your Story of Global Collaboration

We are sending this message out through our networks, but want to make sure that all of you who are collaborating on a global basis have this invitation to share your story.  This is the email we're sending out today.

Consider this an invitation to tell your story!  Thank you!


Hi everyone!

We're so excited to be publishing a book with Pearson Publishing teaching how to connect classrooms on a global basis and we want your stories!

Please share your story of collaboration by emailing it to story@flatclassroombook.com!  If your story is selected, we will email you with a permission form and confirmation of the text selected for the book (whether it has been edited or not!)

Has global collaboration changed your view of the world? Improved some area of your life? Established friendships that you still maintain?

Was it a positive experience? Negative? What lesson did you learn from the project?

Please share -- we want to know!

Thank you everyone!

Also, if you'd rather tell your story below in the comments - feel free! That is fine too! (just make sure you put your email in disqus so I can contact you for permission.)
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