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Friday, July 23, 2010

Collecting "Hot" Jokes on Twitter

Last night it felt like an oven in Camilla. Over 100 degrees, the humidity made it feel like you were roasting!

So, I tweeted out:

coolcatteacher It is so unbelievably hot in camilla, Georgia. How hot is it? It is so hot that ____( retweets to those who fill in blank best! :-)

And there were such great answers, I thought I'd share them for a little humor on Friday afternoon.

They were all so great, they all deserved a retweet!

So, what is so "hot" about this.
Oh, we're all sick of those "I really love Twitter" posts -- the connecting, linking up, all of that.  But one of the greatest things about Twitter to me is the impromptu, unorchestrated moments that just pop out and brighten my day.

I remember when I first started using Twitter and my grandmother passed away. I had friends from around the world Tweeting me their thoughts and kindnesses. I turned on my dm on my cell phone just to get them. It was such a comfort.

And this moment, I came in from running 5 kilometers this morning at school and walked to see the ladies who work in the learning lab where my son was studying and opened up twitter and started guffawing. I went to their desk and read them "hot" jokes. They asked where I got them, I said -- "Oh, I just tweeted out a request for hot jokes on Twitter and my friends around the world shared them."

This sort of thing only happens when you follow quite a few people -- not just spammy types but real conversationalists. 

Now, I'm not saying to get on Twitter because the jokes are great, but really, so you can understand what it is about. Some people follow twenty or thirty - really, I didn't understand Twitter until I followed 100 people or so.  Again, not really the "celebrities" who don't have time to chat, but the conversationalists who live interesting lives just like regular old people. 

It is just a fun place to be sometimes. And even when I'm not having fun (like at Granny's funeral) it also connects me to my "friends" around the world who can help me see my world a little differently.

Twitter is just..... hot... in my book. (After all these years. ;-))
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