Game for Teaching Social Skills: Review of Wild Ride to the Heart

Social skills don't just "happen." Having my own children with learning differences (you should know by now I don't call them disabilities b/c they are truly differences - disabilities are defined by the age in which one lives!)
So, I was so excited to see Fran, our school psychologist test out this game with my son's third grade class.  Here is her recommendation.

"Review of Wild Ride to the Heart board game

Our small group of 3rd graders thoroughly enjoyed the game Wild Ride to the Heart. It was used for a social skill building activity and to reinforce our earlier discussions on feelings. The children were enthusiastic about the colorful game board and enjoyed moving with the detours and Surprise card instructions. I felt that this was a good tool to engage young children in discussions of their feelings and to practice turn-taking and cooperation.

Fran Sheffield – School Psychologist

Westwood Schools, Camilla, GA"

We've got a really great new school psychologist here at Westwood Schools who has agreed to test things concerning cyberbullying, behavior, and helping children with social skills.

She is a great asset and I'm so excited to share her first review here on my blog.  If you want to send her things in these areas to test, please contact me first at vicki at and I'll be happy to let you know if it is a fit.

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