Project Based Learning for Teachers: See the Amazing Video Explaining the US Consititution by a Teacher Unleashed

Came across this from this tweet for #itec10 - the amazing Iowa Technology conference I attended earlier this week.

"RT @JeffDicks: Follow @baseballburk The new #newellfonda 1st yr tchr who does this while at #itec10"  

 When we do project based training for teachers - we can unleash greatness. This is what can happen! See the video below that this history teacher, Ryan Burkhart, left for his students as he attended ITEC!  Wow, Ryan! You rock!

Project based learning doesn't just belong in the classroom with students but in teacher classrooms for the simple reason that teachers learn to create artifacts that are a legacy and can be used by others in powerful ways.

I'm forwarding this video to our teacher that covers the US constitution and formation of the United States.

Project Based Learning for Teachers! Unleash the Teacher!
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