Six and Seven Year Old Boys Collect 8 tons of waste in "Trash to Treasure" #msief

In this interview with Linda Bradfield from St.John's College in South Africa she discussed the Trash to Treasure project. It is so exciting to see teachers work with parents and make changes in behavior and also improve technology skills.

"This project involved 6 and 7 year old boys collaborating with their peers to collect eight tons of waste in six weeks. The boys, together with their parents and teacher, found online information about recycling and collated it in their Trash-to-Treasure wiki. They also used '2Create aa Superstory" to create e-books and used Skype to communicate." p 71 Microsoft Worldwide Education Forum 2010 p 71

This project was presented at the Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Education Forum in Capetown South Africa, 2010.

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