Daily Education & Technology News for Schools 06/15/2011

  • This presentation includes a compilation of videos from my classroom where my students presented and acted on digital citizenship research in a local way. This was for the k12 online conference. This is what authentic research and creative project creation look like.

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  • We've all see the parent too busy responding to text messages instead of hearing their child ask them a question. Which is more important?

    The research from Stanford says that there is a danger not only to the parent: our ability to focus and accomplish tasks - but to the learning of our children and perhaps their inability to develop social skills.

    Who is helping who? Who is in charge - are you at the beckon of every Tweet and message or are you in control of your own life? You decide.

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  • David Deeds traveled from inner China with a group of incredible students to the conference in Beijing. This is a great write up and the title really says it all "Working Hard, Having Fun" - the interesting thing is that only about 10% of teachers had criticism - they wanted it to be just lecture, they said working on projects was hard. ;-) But that is ok. As people begin to understand project based pd, they will hopefully gravitate to the learning mechanism that works for their learning style, although I think everyone should have to do projects every so often to keep skills sharp!

    Oh, we'll be back in India in 2012 and are in the process of considering sites for our next full conference in 2013. This conference is run by our nonprofit which provides scholarships and discounts for the students attending the conference.

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  • Just two more days in the video contest for the best mobile learning video. This is from Mar van 't Hooft. As I looked at the ISTE schedule, one thing I noticed is that almost everything Mark has organized on the program is sold out. He is a great leader and mobilizer and understands how to network and use social networks. He networks by serving and help others (he spent hours advising us on our Flat Classroom rubrics and trust me - there's no money or acclaim in that.) Mark is what I consider a servant leader and I support what he does. If you're an ISTE member, take time to vote and head over to his blog.

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  • The discussion forum for our Flat Classrooms ning has been reorganized to organize projects by grade level. Join in the conversation.

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  • I love this post from Nancy vonWahlde (in the current class of Flat Classroom Certified teachers) as she discusses the learning that happens in her third grade classroom in the Czech Republic when the students link with other classrooms. Those of us collaborating globally are seeing this sort of thing happen: deep learning, thought, interest from students in ways that are very powerful and noticeable. Excellent read.

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  • Places to check facebook settings. Hat tip to Kim Caise ( @kcaise )

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