If you're at #iste11 and Serious about Global Collaboration: Today at 5pm

Today, Tuesday, at 5pm in Rm PACC 123, Julie Lindsay will be leading a birds of a feather designed to help schools find each other and begin global collaboration.
Flat Classroom Conference 2009 Doha, Qatar

The audience will be peppered with our certified Flat Classroom teachers - those who have been through our new book (www.flatclassroombook.com) and have proven their ability to collaboration AND CARRY THROUGH via our projects.

The audience will be salted with you... those of you who are ready to REALLY do it. So many teachers complain that it is hard to find classrooms that are ready to collaborate. Here is your chance.

Please join us today. I hope to skype in to at least listen and say hi to some of you.

If you cannot be there, here are some resources for you:
  • Flat Classroom Project - Project for older grades, students must be 13 years and older to join this project. Applications open now for this year. This will run two times next year.
  • Digiteen Project - Projects typically for 12 and up about digital citizenship run by our nonprofit. This will run two times next year.
  • A Week in the Life Elementary Flat Classroom Project - an exciting project for elementary age classrooms to link theirs with others around the world.
  • Flat Classroom Certified Teacher Program. We have another program running this August - December and will also have one during the book launch.
  • Flat Classroom Book website - If you want to know in advance about our book or host a blog or podcast and would like to interview us, everything is there.
  • Sign up to host a Book Club in January - March - Julie and I are working on our schedules to appear at book clubs about our book via Blackboard Collaborate. Sign up now! (Stay tuned on this blog for updated lists to be released starting in October.)
Be part of the global collaborative education movement! Students are the greatest textbook ever written for each other!

Please RT and invite your friends!
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