Learning About Life on the Athletic Field

For those of you who are administrators, headmasters or coaches and even teachers, you will love this conversation we recorded at our school for the 40 year anniversary of the school. We've been going back and recording for posterity things that will help students understand what our school means and who we are.

These three men have led our football team to 7 different state championships. They talk about their wins, their losses, their pains, their struggles both as teachers, headmasters, and coaches.

Ross Worsham, the man on the left is my current headmaster. Coach Graham Lowe is "my" headmaster. He was at Westwood for many of my years. I sat in his office the ONE time I skipped class (to read the book Sounder which I had forgotten to read the night before - I skipped PE and hid under the bus - thank goodness we got caught . He is also the principal I wrote about in my post about standing up to the class bully Be Hope-Full and Power-Full. I don't think Coach Lowe will ever understand what he means to me as a person and a teacher.) Coach Greene was there when my youngest sister was in school and my first or two at Westwood. He made a big difference for the boys.

I know sometimes teachers throw stones at coaches and vice versa but we are on the same team. I love when Coach Lowe talks about what he told his son to do when his son wanted to coach. He said something like "Son, be a teacher who coaches not a coach who tries to teach."

Coach Lowe teaches French at Deerfield Windsor High School today and coaches middle school boys. (His son is the head coach for the varsity team.)

Anyway, after this trip down memory lane, I just think it is great to hear and remember your heritage.

Have you thought about a history project like this for your school?

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