Be The Lifter: A Challenge to Give Encouragement #inspireteach

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"Inspiration Point"
Every day at lunch I take time to read just 2 small things. It is important that whatever you believe that you take time to "reprogram" your mind. I find that by noon I'm usually on the verge of hyperventilation and if I can take just 5 minutes to refocus on my values.

I read The Message Bible and also read Yes, You Can!: 1,200 Inspiring Ideas for Work, Home, and Happiness ! (an old book that focuses on one attribute a day.)

Today I was reading in Acts and it talks about a preacher named Paul who:

"Gave constant encouragement, lifting their spirits and charging them with fresh hope" (Acts 20)

I felt jealous. Who does this? I want some more of that?

Well, why don't I BE more of this?

Why don't you?

I want to give constant encouragement, lifting your spirits and charge you with fresh hope!

What if we all did this? Of course, there is a spiritual element of what Paul is doing that I won't go into here, however, the point is well taken that if you're not encouraging what are you doing?

I think all of us as teachers should have as part of our mission, our charge, to encourage others.

To be empowered we need to be plugged in! We need to charge our batteries. A certain bit of this comes when we are off on vacation. But, friends, it isn't summer any more. WE don't have any vacation time until Christmas and we know how nutty that time period is.

Be the Lifter Challenge
So, I give you a challenge. Take one blog post, one tweet, one Facebook status update and share something encouraging. A video. A story. A kindness.

Let's be the powerplug for other teachers who just can't seem to lift their head today. At this point many of us have been back in school a while although others are already starting. The common denominator is that we are tired.

Let's be the encouragement we want to see from others. I type this as I am on hold with my Student Information System vendor for the fourth time this week. It would be easy to get down.

Remember your noble calling, teacher.  Let's call on our nobility as we share and encourage others.

Several teachers have been asking: what is the hashtag for inspirational teacher stories? Does anyone know? #inspireteach
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