Thanks for Teaching Us: Share and Join In

Take time to thank a teacher...publicly. Now you can.

The website lets us thank our teachers publicly. I just love this website and wept as I perused the first page.

Even if your students don't write on this page, just a glimpse lets you be inspired that there are GREAT teachers out there... tons of them.

"Thank you for dedicating your life to this hard profession and managing to make it look simple."


"...thanks for reading my reflection papers word per word. You're the only person who spent time to figure out what was wrong with me during those years."

or this poingnant one from a ninth grader:

"Dear Prev,
Thanks for Being the Man (Or Mentor, if you want to get Classical) You inspired me to interact with others as a human being, wielding charisma and humilty in equal, devastating measure."


Thanks for all the times you made me understand, and not memorize. You inspired me to learn more about not only the world, but the people in it."


"Mrs McGrath,Thanks for caring so much about your students. You are the reason that kids grow up to be successful, caring and well-rounded. Thank you for your hard work…it is definitely noticed. You inspired me to be more thoughtful and think of the good things in life."

And on and on.

For those of you who have lost faith in the profession, take time to read these. Even better, go on this website and thank someone who has meant a lot to you. I just took time to submit my own thank you to the amazing teacher who is now in the next room, inspiring me every day!

I love that this site will tweet you when your thank you goes live and will also let you email to the teacher what you have written.

What if all of us took time to thank a teacher?

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