Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 09/20/2011

  • With more than 30% of high school students now taking at least one class online and almost 20% of middle schoolers, it is time to understand the nuances of engaging in online classrooms and presenting online. As part of the Flat Classroom project, co-founder, Vicki Davis, has helped thousands of students learn how to present online. Learn the tips and tricks to help students engage quickly and be successful in online spaces (and make it easier for you to manage as well.)

    This free webinar is Tuesday, September 19, 2011 at 3pm Eastern Time. Register now and join us.

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  • Some very interesting trends in mobile and online learning from Project Tomorrow's 2010 survey. I'll be citing some of this material in my presentation at 3pm EAstern on Tuesday, September 20th as part of the Blackboard Distinguished Lecture series - free webinar.

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