How Any Teacher Can Use Lee Sheldon’s Multiplayer Classroom Model

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Lee Sheldon multiplayer classroom on Every Classroom MattersStar Trek script writer and professional game author Lee Sheldon has designed his entire college course as a game. His book The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game is a favorite of many game based learning experts. Quizzes and tests are fighting evil. Students earn experience points for coming to class. Student study groups are called guilds. You’ve got to hear it to believe it! (And you don’t need any technology.)

In fact, Lee welcomes his students to class with this comment:

“Hello everyone, welcome to class. You all have an ‘F.’ But you can level up.”

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Essential Questions: Balancing Learning and Fun: How to Create Riveting Lesson Plans

  • How teachers can be Game Masters.
  • Why Lee Sheldon hates the term “gamification” and what term he uses instead.
  • How Lee harnesses student intrinsic motivation to learn instead of badges and points
  • How teachers can start into game-based learning.
  • How to use guilds, solo quests, and group quests to teach.

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