Teaching Languages: Great Tools, Tips and Techniques

Every Classroom Matters episode 216

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Carla Arena teaching languages

Carla Arena is an accomplished language teacher from Brazil. As an expert on teaching languages, she shares her tips and tricks for engaging learners in the language classroom. Do you struggle with learners of different ability levels? How about when kids sit in class not understanding and don’t ask questions? Even worse, kids who struggle but choose to disrupt — how do you handle this? Carla has great advice for helping language teachers with all of these struggles. Listen now.

Carla had so many great quotations, that I’m sharing those at the bottom for those of you who like to print out great quotes or share them on social media. I’ll be pinning them to my Pinterest boards for teachers, too. 

Essential Questions: Teaching Languages: Great Tools, Tips and Techniques

  • The technology tools that language teachers love.
  • Carla’s favorite technology for the language classroom.
  • The importance of checkpoints in the language classroom.
  • How Carla creates checkpoints in her classroom.
  • Carla’s words to the frustrated language teacher who is lonely and burning out.


Educator Resources from this Episode with Carla Arena

My favorite technology is what students have in their hands.

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