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When looking at the top posts of the over 3,500 blog posts here, a theme jumps forward for February 2016. Hope, stress, encouragement, growth, and trying to improve education. I see struggle and persistence all over the pieces that you are sharing this month. Yes, teaching is hard. But teaching is worth it, my dear friends.

Top Teacher Blog Posts February 2016

Some of us are looking at where we’re going to teach next year. Others are just trying to make it through this year. Testing is approaching. But we can’t lose sight of having a relationship with our students and loving ourselves.

If I haven’t told you lately, dear teacher, I admire you. Those of you who work hard to encourage your students. Those of you who put in extra hours. Your work does matter.

I had a friend who was talking to an accreditation leader in the state of Georgia this  past week. He asked his friend (the accreditation leader), “what’s the biggest challenge in education right now” and here was the answer:

“The stakes are so high right now that the number one problem is that the best teachers are being given more work and those who can’t do the job are being given less. This understandable but misguided practice is driving the best teachers out of education.”

I couldn’t agree more. I wish I could say hang on, help is on it’s way. But I can say that I’ll keep yelling from the mountaintops the need for you to persist and the need for good leadership and every education reporter to recognize and get you the help you need. We have to keep speaking out. We are the media now. You have influence. What will you share in your network? What needs to be said?

Keep up your chins, as my Mom would lovingly say. Teaching is a noble calling. We “march” on.

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