Feedback Tips for Blended and Online Learning

Feedback is important. But how do teachers give it frequently and in ways that help students learn? How can teachers have time and get this done with all that is going on this Fall 2020? Today, Matthew Johnson, author of Flash Feedback, shares his advice to help get close to kids through feedback and connections in our digital classrooms. It can be done! 

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Matthew Johnson - Bio as Submitted

Matthew is a high school English language arts teacher from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is also a writer and speaker who has spent much of the last decade in pursuit of a white whale: Feedback practices that are both effective and efficient. His journey to find more meaningful and sustainable feedback and teaching can be found on his weekly blog and in his new book Flash Feedback: Responding to Student Writing Better and Faster -- Without Burning Out. When not reading, writing, or teaching, Matthew can be found in his garden, in the kitchen, or in transit between the two with an armful of fresh produce.

Twitter: @a2matthew

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