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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Hands On Ecology at a Distance

As you adapt lesson plans for distance learning, ecology offers great opportunities for backyard learning and learning at a distance. Today, Sara Owen talks about stream walks and outdoor classroom opportunities and how she uses the outdoors to teach. 



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Sara Owen - Bio as Submitted

Sara is a field ecologist at the Montana Natural Heritage Program, where she leads the Wetland and Riparian Mapping Center's mapping program for the western U.S. She loves fieldwork because it allows her to explore new places while working with and learning from other ecology nerds like herself. Sara is the author of "Seth and Mattie's Big River Adventure," an educational adventure storybook that introduces young, budding ecologists (ages 7-10) to the world of stream ecology. Although she doesn't get to do it often enough, Sara loves to take kids of all ages (including those 80-year-old kids!) on Stream Walks where they flip over rocks to see who's living beneath them. She's always up to some adventure or another, which you can follow on Instagram: @thenomadicecologist

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