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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Research Based Strategies for Distance Learning Now with Dr. Matthew Rhoads

Dr. Matthew Rhoads is teaching at a distance and coaching other teachers to improve their teaching as well. Based in San Diego, Dr. Rhoads talks about how to integrate instructional strategies, have a teacher toolbox, how to show teachers technology, using Google Jamboard to brainstorm, how to observe and model online teaching for teachers. Additionally, he shares thoughts on how to use Zoom effectively (and not too much) and how to engage students. Finally, he reflects on attendance issues and how to help students who need it most.


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Dr. Matthew Rhoads - Bio as Submitted

Matthew Rhoads, Ed.D. is an Educational Specialist at a secondary school in a school district located in North San Diego County. He is also a lecturer at San Diego State University on Educational Technology and Instruction as well as a student teacher supervisor for the Dual Language and English Learner department. Dr. Rhoads is also an educational consultant with Discovery Source. His new book is Navigating the Toggled Term: Preparing Secondary Educators for Navigating Fall 2020 and Beyond, which discuss how schools can navigate online, hybrid learning, and traditional classroom settings by moving interchangeably between each of these educational settings with the online instructional infrastructure and the toggled term instructional model. Navigating the Toggled Term also provides chapters on selecting edtech tools, edtech tools and their instructional applications, differentiating instruction, Special Education case management and online IEPs, reopening schools and refining reopening school plans, and instructional and organizational frameworks that can help schools and districts toggle between online, hybrid, and traditional educational settings.

Website: www.matthewrhoads.com 

Twitter: @mattrhoads1990

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