AI in VR and AR with Rachelle Dené Poth

How are augmented reality and virtual reality merging with artificial intelligence? What does it mean for the classroom?

In this show, AR/VR guru Rachelle Dené Poth delves deep into the transformative potential of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the classroom. Fresh from her appearance on the ISTE mainstage, Rachell highlights the surging interest in immersive and emerging technologies. She encourages teachers to shift their mindset from apprehension to curiosity and eagerness to learn something new.

As the landscape of education technology rapidly changes, Rachelle shares some ideas of what the future of classroom learning could look like. Listen to this Spanish teacher talk about using these awesome tools in her classroom and in classrooms around the world. 

Full transcript and show notes: 

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Key Segments

  1. Introduction and Rachelle's Credentials

    • [00:02.028 - 00:27.876]

    Vicki Davis introduces Rachelle Dené Poth, highlighting her expertise in AR, VR, and her recent appearance at ISTE.

  2. Emerging Technologies in Education

    • [00:49.93 - 02:38.929]

    Rachelle discusses the increasing interest in AR, VR, and AI in education. She mentions her sessions at ISTE and how educators' comfort and interest levels have evolved over time.

  3. Apple's AR Glasses vs. Meta's VR

    • [02:53.228 - 04:24.106]

    The conversation shifts to Apple's announcement of AR glasses and how it compares to Meta's full VR approach. Rachelle shares her thoughts on the potential reasons and implications.

  4. AI's Impact on AR and VR

    • [05:08.118 - 07:48.801]

    Vicki and Rachelle discuss the exponential change that can occur when AI integrates with AR and VR. They explore the potential benefits and challenges, as well as the future of these technologies in education.

  5. Anthropomorphism of AI

    • [09:07.722 - 11:28.5]

    The conversation delves into how people perceive and refer to AI, touching on the humanization of technology and the implications for education and society.

  6. Advice for Educators

    • [11:34.571 - 12:50.495]

    Rachelle offers advice for educators looking to integrate emerging technologies into their classrooms. She emphasizes the importance of taking risks and learning alongside students.


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