Genius Hour 2.0 with Lauren Lavelle

In this episode of the 10 Minute Teacher podcast, host Vicki Davis sits down with Lauren Lavelle to discuss the transformative educational approach known as Genius Hour. Recorded live at ISTE, the conversation delves into how Genius Hour has been revamped and integrated into the sixth-grade curriculum, offering students a full-year exploratory course that goes beyond traditional learning. Vicki and Lauren also touch on the importance of generational connectedness in education, emphasizing how mentors and older students can offer invaluable perspectives. Additionally, the episode explores the role of blogging in the Genius Hour process, serving as a tool for reflection and continuous improvement. 

Full transcript and show notes: 

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Key Segments in this Podcast

Introduction to Genius Hour 2.0

Timestamp: 00:00:44:20 - 00:01:08:15

Description: Lauren Lavelle talks about the next iteration of Genius Hour, called Genius Hour 2.0, and how it's integrated into the sixth-grade curriculum.

The Importance of Generational Connectedness

Timestamp: 00:02:55:25 - 00:03:21:17

Description: Vicki Davis discusses the concept of generational connectedness and how it's important for students to see that they're part of a bigger world.

Blogging as a Reflective Process

Timestamp: 00:03:57:44 - 00:04:16:57

Description: Lauren explains that students are blogging throughout the Genius Hour process, focusing on reflection and continuous improvement.

Real-world Genius Hour Projects

Timestamp: 00:08:05:02 - 00:08:36:38

Description: Lauren shares an example of a student who created a pedaling system under his desk that also charges his Chromebook, exemplifying the real-world application of Genius Hour projects.

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