Teaching with AI: Harnessing the Future without Losing Our Way – An In-Depth Conversation with Pat Yongpradit

Pat Yongpradit from Code.org and TeachAI dives into the challenges, opportunities, and ethical considerations of harnessing future AI technologies. Join us as we navigate the intricate path towards innovation without losing sight of what makes us human with a candid conversations of our concerns and the importance of coming together to create policies that will shape our classrooms.
Artificial Intelligence in schools should present educators, parents, and policymakers with many concerns but there are also opportunities. Pat Yongpradit, in his role with Code.org is also working with the TeachAI initiative. He shares a candid conversation about how teachers can share what they are observing with AI, the benefits, and also some very real concerns he has about artificial intelligence and its impact on humankind. 
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Show Notes, Resources, and Full Transcript: https://www.coolcatteacher.com/e811

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