31 Day Comment Challenge Draws to a Close

I loved njtechteacher's reflections on the 31 day comment challenge started by Sue Waters (see their amazing wiki)

Ann says:

"This is something I tend to do as I read blogs and post comments. Blog comments fall into three categories for me: I respond with my feelings on a post, I write to congratulate someone on something they are doing, I am uncertain about what was written about and I leave a question. The use of Cocomment and co.mment both help me see when people respond. This had not always been my practice. It was, looking back, more of a hit and run process."

Commenting is something important to me and I believe has been essential to my own blog. (See How to comment like a King (or Queen)).

Commenting and realizing that you have a voice is so very important. So, as a tribute to Sue today and these amazing women who have coordinated the 31 Day comment challenge (
Sue Waters, Silvia Tolisano, Michele Martin and Kim Cofino) -- I ask everyone leaving this post to find a blog (other than mine) and comment right now!

Let's end this well! (oh and mention that you're commenting b/c of the challenge -- it will help people to understand how far reaching this effort has been at building conversation in the edublogosphere.)

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