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Sunday, May 18, 2008

My student's video on World Domination

I'm laughing so hard that I am crying. This student for the horizon project seemed not to be doing much filming. That is because she was literally taking over the county with this short 8 minute film.

Find more videos like this on Horizon Project 2008

Her point was to demonstrate the emotions of those who are using Youtube and grassroots video and how many times it can give false impressions of grandeur to those who become "youtube" stars. I am just amazed she did this film in 2 weeks!

During the course of this film she:
  • Had a police officer "arrest" her friend (it was staged except her aunt didn't know and came driving up as the actress was leaving! It scared her!)
  • Hypnotized her math teacher
  • Included our headmaster (in the orange shirt halfway through)
  • Used greenscreen
  • Got her father to be on the film at the end.
She really did a nice job. We did encourage the students to use creativity to get their point across and one not knowing the topic might think this was just for fun, however, for those who know the topic, I think she conveyed the emotions of those using grassroots video quite well, albeit in a humorous fashion.

I just cannot believe she did it!

Now, I can honestly say that my projects have reached a new high (or low depending upon the way you look at it) -- with a staged arrest on film. I'm laughing!

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