The Nightmare of Social Networking (And of seeing yourself on film)

Besides the fact that I DON'T LIKE how I look in this film (I'm hitting the gym this summer), my student Jamie C. did a nice job with this film for horizon on Social Operating systems.

It was just featured on the home page by AFI Screen Nation (to enter the contest you have to be in the US, although any student anywhere may still submit videos. Who knows, a real Hollywood producer or actor may even leave you a message!)

He is trying to highlight the evolution from social networks to social operating systems and I think he's done a nice job. (Even if he did have to use me!)

This is an example of a film that was made in tools I would never have "prescribed" if I truly was a "prescriptive" computer science teacher. He used Paint (for animations,) PowerPoint (for jpgs), Movie Maker, Audacity (to remix Beethoven), and a webcam (to grab his teacher for a quick interview.)

Good job, Jamie! If you want to peruse more videos, drop by the Ning where they are being uploaded as fast as chickens fly away from a fox. If you want to join the Ning and comment, just let us know who you are, and join in the feedback process for the videos. Judging will start soon!

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