Sites that Caught My Eye Today 05/19/2008

  • This 10th grade student has written an exceptional post-project reflection. I hope you'll take time to read it. Here is an excerpt:

    "There is no doubt that this technology is dangerous. It is apparent that few people, not adults, not teenagers, truly understand how collaboration, conduct, and manners affect the internet. This project has to teach others that as well. It is necessary to know how to handle yourself on the internet. That’s why Horizon Project is so important. We have to educate tomorrow’s leaders how to use new technology without abusing it. The highlight of this project is the education we are giving every single person who has been a part of the Horizon Project."

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  • This is where they post the status and maintenace downtimes for Ning, if you ever have an outage or a plant o demo it, you might want to check it out.

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  • I am really enjoying Julie Lindsay's discussion about games in the classroom on this video. (Please forgive the student typo at the end.)

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  • Wow! This student says so much very eloquently about Don Tapscott's keynote:

    My tenth grader says in this blog post:

    "A teacher should, as Don Tapscott said, no longer be a transmitter of information, but a regulator of educational settings. Our teacher Mrs. Vicki could stand in from of the class room all day and lecture us on exactly what to do and how to do it. We would ace tests and learn a lot . . . for a while… However by next year about 65% of what we learned will be irrelevant due to technology changes and development. Instead, she gives us projects to complete that pose challenges to us that can repeat themselves. Such as giving us a project to make a video by using a program we are unfamiliar with. Though we may not ever make another video, it is inevitable that we face the challenge of having to use an unfamiliar program, ergo, we will be prepared to deal with this for the rest of our lives.

    So in conclusion, the role of a teacher is now: to regulate the educational environment; to introduce students to the realm of ambiguities; and to no longer evaluate our overall knowledge, but our constructive, creative, and adaptive capabilities."

    Wow! I am humbled and impressed at what students have to say when asked and challenged!

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