Funday Monday

I haven't had a Funday Monday in a while, so its time again. I asked on twitter last week for some funny posts and these just made me roll.

#1 Social Networking Parody
Sent in by: jalam from the Random Thoughts Blog
My Rating: PG
My Laugh Rating: 9 stars out of 10

It is so funny because it is so true.

#2 - Rowan Atkinson Live parodies Shakespearean Tragedy
Sent in by: adrianbruce from Australia (has a cool games website)
Rating: G up until 3/4 of way through
The first half of this is hilarious to me.

#3 The Overzealous Principal by Rowan Atkinson
Sent in by: adrianbruce
Rating: PG (for one word at the end)
This is so funny.

#4 Wii Fit Parody
From: kpruitt
Rating: G

So, have a little funday with your Monday.

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