Daily Spotlight on Education 09/08/2008

  • Again, as a health thing, you shouldn't REALLY put a laptop on your lap. I have a food tray that I use when I use my laptop in the recliner. In addition to claims that it causes infertility in men, it is also not good for your laptop to cover the ventilation holes with your clothing (or that little bit of pudge on your thighs.)

    This is something to mention to laptop users as part of digital health and wellness with digital "citizenship" and safety.

    tags: education, safety, ad4dcss

  • I was pleased with how this introductory unit turned out. You'll notice, we created wikis, I had assigned 2 grades, one for technical (do they know how to do things) and another as the regular grade. For bonus for the test, students could make flashcards on proprofs (they are printable) or games on classtools.net and embed in the wiki. Also included is the assignment and my grading rubric made in excel.

    Sharing in case you'd like to use something similar. There are many ways to introduce wikis. First, each student created a sandbox page with basic requirements, then, this was their first group project.

    tags: wiki, education, technology

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