Daily Spotlight on Education 09/15/2008

  • In Australia, a new social network for children ages 6-12 accessible only to students and teachers at Australian primary schools is launched. Called SuperClubsPLUS -- what a GREAT idea. Now, this is something other countries should be doing -- flattening at least the schools under their jurisdiction. Hope they have their disciplinary and reporting issues worked out b/c any where two students are gathered, online or off, there are always issues.

    Still don't understand why they are calling it a SOCIAL NETWORK. It is an educational network -- unless they are going to let it be social.

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  • Excellent post from Ernie Easter about how some in his state view the "cutting edge" of technology. It is insightful and powerful, but surely something many are seeing. I joined the seedlings ning just to have access to Cheryl Oakes, Bob Sprankle, Alice Barr, and Ernie Easter. Ernie is MY inspiration.

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  • This little goodie came from Merrill Guice -- tweet later lets you schedule tweets. Will have to see what I'd do for that, but I'll say, I have wanted to space them out before. ;-) I do use twitterfeed to send my blog feed and gcast into twitter when I post but I'll have to look at this -- I am intrigued by Merrill mentioning that this gives a welcome tweet to followers. Will have to look at that!

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  • Elizabeth "Beth" Holmes, former manager of the Center For Quality Teaching and Learning has been working with education and technology for a long time. She has started blogging and is now on my must read list.

    I said if she ever started blogging, I'd be a fan and I am -- this first post is an amazing call to action and also goes through the emotional internal debate we all have before moving into the edublogosphere.

    Beth has written for many educational magazines through the years and has the big picture understanding with also the practical back up of how things really work in the classroom.

    She's going to be a superstar and I'm glad she's blogging!

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