Daily Spotlight on Education 08/04/2009

  • Interesting list of apps for iphone/ itouch for kids and education.

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  • Got an email from this group - would love to hear from those who have played Karooba -- here is the information they sent me:

    "The Karooba site includes the following features:

    * One the largest collections of education-based (over 100,000) trivia questions
    * Educational games that allow you to:
    o Challenge friends around the world in one-on-one trivia games
    o Join a tournament on education based topics or set up a tournament of friends or classmates
    o Try your luck in a new Find-it game
    o Create your own quizzes and see how others score on your test
    * State-of-the-art avatar tool (Karoobatar) – create your near real life or cartoon characters
    * A real time communications tool (Karoobacator) – Instant message with your friends without the risk of foul language.

    Karooba was created and is maintained by a computer consulting firm based in Minnesota. The firm’s staff, which is mostly comprised of parents with school-age kids, is very concerned (like most parents are these days) about what their children view on the Internet. With this in mind, Karooba was designed to be a 'safe haven' where kids can go to play online, as well as learn…and more importantly one that parents (and teachers) can trust. "

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  • Where blogosphere meets twittersphere from the makers of Technorati -- just when you thought Technorati was irrelevant that old authority rating comes back -- time to make sure you're pinging technorati again!

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  • Cool firefox add on that allows you to pull comments into google reader. It is called greactions and is very cool.

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  • I've been learning somethign new this week. On Tuesday nights, I 'd noticed the #gno hashtag floating around. It stands for Girls night out (although I've seen men participate) and I was asked to be a part of it tomorrow night. I wanted to learn how to host a twitter panel and do this, so here we are. Here is the information on how to do it. On Wednesday night, I and some friends are going to experiment with this to share some tools for teachers at http://edutweetpanel.wikispaces.com -- feel free to join in.

    I think that learning how to do a twitter panel is probably something new to help us comprehend how Twitter works to bring us together in deeper ways than we have thought of before.

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  • This is a cool tool for running twitter panels or special times of focus of discussion on twitter and help you facilitate and drill down on the conversation and share with others. Think of it as sort of a twitter portal to share with others.

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  • The new Computer Science survey is out from US high schools - the findings do not bode well for computer science:

    "the number of schools offering Advanced Placement Computer Science (AP CS) has declined significantly in the last six years. In 2005, 40 percent of respondents indicated AP CS was offered at their school. This number decreased to 32 percent in 2007 and to 27 percent in the 2009 survey. AP CS is in many cases the most rigorous course offered by schools. "

    I wonder how many programs are introducing programming concepts at other levels or using something like Scratch. Should Computer science just be defined as AP computer science?

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