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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Crash Course in Learning Theory

This is a very exciting blog that has discussed many of the things we have learned about education but in a new way.

I believe that this co-creation of knowledge lends itself very well to:
  • New-wave Socratic teaching - Posing questions and letting students answer them through exploration on the net and production of a meaningful summary such as a wikispace or podcast.
  • Collaborative tools - Tools such as wikipages (I use wikispace) or writely.com to produce meaningful summaries of their synthesis of knowledge that have been created together.
I enjoy the Creating Passionate Users blog and name it my fave for the week!

How do you get started:
1 - Set up a wikispace for your class
2 - Decide a project or chapter that would be a good topic for student exploration.
3 - Spend about 15 minutes covering the basics of wikispaces:
  • brackets - making other pages
  • hyperlinks to the Net
  • hyperlinks within wikispace
  • inserting pictures
If you contact wikispace and give them the addresses of your group, they'll send out a batch of e-mails otherwise you'll get stuck with yahoo or aol taking a while for the student to receive their confirmation e-mails. Its a good start.

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