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Sunday, January 15, 2006

One Step at A Time - English People Good at Getting Active

Here is an excellent article on the EPGGA blog where they quote of all people -- me!

She concurs with my observation about making students the teachers and the teacher becoming the facilitator. This is absolutely at the core of the teaching methods I use. I have noticed a significant difference in mastery.

My grades in Computer Fundamentals jumped from a 92 average to a 98 average in one year -- same test. I've seen the same in Computer Science as I've used this method, particularly with wikis -- an 88 average last year for the class -- this year I have one class with a 92+ average and one class with a 98+ average -- same tests.

This tells me that something has changed! The textbook hasn't changed. I haven't changed. My assessment hasn't changed except for the addition of wikis in lieu of papers. The teaching method changed and the grades have improved which in my opinion reflects an increased mastery of the subject.

As I peruse the educational blogosphere, I continue to be reinforced and even more passionate about a student centered approach to teaching and learning!

My article: Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Teach Students to Teach Themselves

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