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Friday, January 06, 2006

Do Right!

We need to teach students to "Do Right!"

I have a friend, Ross Worsham who was a national championship quarterback for the 1-AA Georgia Southern Eagles under the famous Coach Erk Russell. He said that he went to camp his freshman year for his first “speech from the coach” and fully expected a long list of rules. What he got was two words written on a board “Do Right.” Coach Russell even underlined them for emphasis.

Coach Russell went on to tell them that all other rules were tied up in this one and if you weren’t sure if it was right or wrong that you shouldn’t do it – it was probably wrong.

This is a great lesson to teach students. Nowadays, many people have subscribed to the Kantish philosophies of relativism. We have done this to the point that we are afraid to teach kids that there is a right and wrong.

You cannot have rules without understanding that there is a right and wrong. It is right to follow the rules! It is wrong to hurt another person!

Do Right! I think I'll teach that one!

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