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Monday, January 16, 2006

It's Official -- Westwood Wikispace has been named wikispace of the Month

We appreciate Adam and the folks at Wikispaces naming our blog their Wikispace of the month. The students were so very excited and their teacher (me) was blown away!

One thing I've noticed is that now that there's a fair amount of traffic at our site, I get requests from "strangers" to join the wiki. I've kept it closed and by invitation only but available for public viewing. That way folks can comment but not insert things into the wiki that don't belong.

We've discussed inviting certain "experts" to moderate and add, but I think that would stymie the excitement of the kids doing it themselves. I'd rather have the students interview the experts and synthesize their findings and summarize it on the wiki! The process of creating the wiki is as important as the product. It is within the process that the students learn!

I'll be blogging about podcasting this week as we get our first big podcast of SAT algebra/arithmetic review up on the net!

Here is a summary of the pages I've written so far on our great experiences with wikipages and wikispaces! Thanks again guys!

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