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Monday, March 20, 2006

Blogger Blips, Web 2.0 resources

Bemoaning Blogger's Blips!
Well, friends, I just lost another whole post in Blogger. My faith in blogger has eroded lately as their RSS feeds went down for several days and I couldn't even find my own blog for a while. I'd better blook it while I still have a blog to blook!

I'd been composing in writely and love it. (Google just bought them!) I think I'll go back to that. I'll try to resurrect the post from my memory for tomorrow, however for now, I'd like to share with you a great Web 2.0 Resource from Bob Stumpel.

Great Web 2.0 resource
Here is how I want to use PARTS of this list for further Web 2.0 discussions as well as talking about GUI's (graphical user interfaces.)

I will split apart the list and give it to teams who will evaluate the services and create a Siskel and Ebert like show. They will also create a wiki to include hyperlinks and their evaluation of each Web 2.0 app. I may even record the Siskel and Ebert evaluations as a podcast.

NOTE: Do not use the entire list as it includes some items not appropriate for the classroom.

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