Wiki News: Nominate yours, We need curriculum wikis!

It is very apparent from the reader stats that many of the readers of Cool Cat Teacher like the work we've done with Wikis. I must admit that they have transformed our classroom. The Wiki Wiki Teaching day 1 post (my first one) is still my most highly trafficked ever!

Here is an index of some of my Wiki posts:

And more...

Send in your nominations to 33 wikis!
But now, Marshall K has pointed out that eastwikkers has created their 33 wikis nominations.

A company called EastWikkers is highlighting 33 different wikis over the next 33 days and explaining what kinds of innovations and best practices can be learned from each one. A very, very cool project. Check out, for example, their profile of This Might Be a Wiki, a fan site for They Might Be Giants.
If you haven't put Marshall on your "A" list he should be! Read about the first five and learn about the best practices of some wikis that really work! (They include Davis Wiki (no relation), Flu Wiki, This Might Be a Wiki" , Austistic Spectrum Wiki, and Wikilaw)

Curriculum Wikis!
I'd really like for educators to take up Tom Hoffman's suggestion in EdTechInsider on Opening up the curriculum and put the College Board Pacesetter curriculum on a wiki to be shared and collaborated across the world. What a great vision!

Nominate your wiki because on the thirty fourth day they will be listing the nominations on their website. What a great resource. I've subscribed and have been learning more about this wiki model that has captivated my imagination!

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